K&M regularly monitors standards of maintenance and is responsible for all aspects of management including,  the appointment of site staff to handle the day to day running of a development and the appointment of contractors to carry out cleaning, gardening, repairs, maintenance and redecoration.

As your Service charge annual budget is reviewed annually. Actual expenditure is monitored against these estimates throughout the management year.

The protection and security of residents and the development is of paramount importance to us, whilst taking into account the obligations within each individual lease or transfer. In addition to arranging the regular maintenance of facilities and systems such as door entry, fire detection and lifts.

We ensure that the communal parts of every development comply with the current safety regulations and the relevant risk assessments are organised as required.

Budgets & Accounts

Your Service charge is renewed and reviewed annually, but monitor actual expenditure against these estimates every month and to comply with legal requirements.  We can provide monthly or quarterly bank reconciliations.