If you are considering sub-letting your property we would strongly advise that you review the terms of your Lease to check what requirements you are obliged to follow; most Leases will contain mechanisms to regulate and control sub-letting and as with many Leases, the following terms and conditions may apply:


It is also important that any prospective sub-tenants enter into a Deed of Covenant promising to abide by the key covenants and regulations of the Lease or ensure that their performance of these covenants and regulations are written into any Tenancy Agreement – failure to do so could be detrimental to you and leave you liable if there is any issue regarding a breach of Lease by your sub-tenants.

Every situation is different and if you are unsure what you are required to do to fulfil your obligations as Landlord under the terms of the Lease, please contact your Property Manager who will be happy to advise you of your obligations to ensure that you follow the covenants of your Lease.